jueves, octubre 09, 2008

A light on my wall

Nowadays in the middle of nowhere
the spirits of science cry and cry,
religion is almost dead
but that doesn't matter there.

People is thinking only in themselves
looking for answers in the night
asking for a piece of soul
that opens their own hearts.

In the middle of that trick
there's a lonely pilgrim
waiting the key answer
losing the meaning of all of this.

Perhaps the river of the arts
could persuade him to leave this world
perhaps you, who are reading,
could bring a light on his wall.

4 comentarios:

dingo loader dijo...

thats amazing story.

bulldozer rental dijo...

im your favorite reader here!

ihi excavator dijo...

very nice! hahahahaha

rosalie dijo...

i only can agree with your words..

the weird is that there're a few other 'lonely pilgrims', sometimes passing our ways, sometimes bringing a ray of light into our hearts/souls to make us forgetting or at least make us being able to deal in a better way again and again with the cruelity and both meaninglessness and superficiality of our 'modern societies'.