lunes, abril 05, 2010

A drop of honey

What is a night?
What are the meanings that remember the distance between you and me?

I'm a soul in the dark forest
angels dream with their open heart
the concept of beauty resides inside,
the magic appears and disappears
like a thunder in a storm.

Past and present are dancing
they want to catch some waves
to arrive to the sense of nothing
where I could always find her.

I'm the feeling of a lonely pilgrim
lost in his sea thinkings
caught on the chaos of himself
bowled over the bright of a sun
immersed in a scientific path.

"Remember me, remember me"
- stars are crying
and the tango symphony begins:

Gira, gira en el recuerdo
muere el abismo de lo habido
mata el futuro de tu destino
desgarra el sentido del beso.

Está todo aquí y ahora
Everything is here and now

A drop of honey
melts away into the verse
does its life make sense?

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